• With THE HITCHCOCK HOTEL, Stephanie Wrobel cements her status as one of the most original and exciting writers of suspense working today. Reuniting at a new "themed" hotel dedicated to the movies of director Alfred Hitchcock, six college friends encounter the motifs, tricks and traps of his most famous plots as one by one their long-held secrets, rivalries and romances threaten to destroy their post-grad lives. In this both fun and frightening tribute to Hollywood's master of suspense, Wrobel conveys the psychology of very flawed characters grappling with sudden vulnerability and suppressed guilt, and ratchets up the intrigue step by meticulous step until the reader is racing through the pages to uncover the underlying menace. Releasing just in time for the 150th celebration of Hitchock's birth, THE HITCHCOCK HOTEL is a pitch-perfect rendering of what makes his movies special and a singular story of thrills in its own right.

    Natalie Jenner, internationally bestselling author of The Jane Austen Society
  • Artful construction, shudder-inducing suspense, and cinematic sparkle make The Hitchcock Hotel the perfect weekend escape—eerie movie-themed inn not required. Wrobel’s inspired treatment of the Hitchcockian motifs we know so well further secures her place as a master of premium high-concept psychological fiction. Hitch would be proud.

    Tessa Wegert, author of Death in the Family
  • Fans of Alfred Hitchcock will adore this homage to the master of suspense, as will anyone looking for a captivating thriller. Wrobel weaves a story filled with unexpected twists, including one that's positively mind-blowing. I couldn't turn the pages quickly enough.

    Margarita Montimore, USA Today Bestselling Author of Oona Out of Order
  • Hitchcock would be pleased with the masterful twists and turns in Stephanie Wrobel's latest novel. Both a tribute to the iconic director's work without papering over his flaws, The Hitchcock Hotel is an addictive page-turner sure to win applause from movie buffs and book lovers alike. Never has a glass of milk felt more sinister.

    Kirthana Ramisetti, author of Good Morning America Book Club pick Dava Shastri’s Last Day
  • Stephanie Wrobel is a go-to author for stories full of suspense and social commentary. The Hitchcock Hotel is equal parts fresh and chilling. Filled with humor, tension, and intrigue, this twisty read will grip readers from start to finish! 

    Saumya Dave, author of What a Happy Family and Well-Behaved Indian Women
  • A master stylist, Stephanie Wrobel strikes again with well-drawn characters, intricate plotting, satisfying surprises, and first-class entertainment. I don't want to visit The Hitchcock Hotel, but its story had me from the moment the guests arrived. Endlessly clever, ridiculously entertaining, and so damn FUN.

    Kathleen West, author of Home or Away
  • Wrobel masterfully weaves together multiple POVs to spin a near-suffocating web of suspense. The tension—and thrills—intensify as each sordid secret, bitter grudge, and simmering resentment surfaces, culminating in the reveal of one shocking hidden agenda. With themes of loyalty, obsession, guilt, and voyeurism, The Hitchcock Hotel kept me locked in from the first page to the last.

    K.T. Nguyen, author of You Know What You Did
  • The Hitchcock Hotel is not only enthralling and suspenseful, but author Stephanie Wrobel has managed to craft a wholly original thriller filled with the pleasures of homage and a tribute to one of the great suspense storytellers. Like any Hitchcock film, prepare for fantastic twists, complex characters, and an ending you'll think about long after THE END.

    Vanessa Lillie, USA Today bestselling author of Blood Sisters
  • With gasp-worthy twists and razor-sharp wit, Stephanie Wrobel pays brilliant tribute to Alfred Hitchcock’s legacy in THE HITCHCOCK HOTEL. When five college friends gather at one’s Hitchcock-themed hotel, dangerous secrets from the past refuse to stay buried. Trapped with no way out, they must figure out the mastermind behind the increasingly disturbing incidents to stay alive. A masterful, perfectly plotted Hitchcockian tale for our times.

    Julia Bartz, New York Times bestselling author of The Writing Retreat
  • A slow burn of suspense, secrets, and lies that—in true Hitchcockian fashion—explodes into a series of twists, each more jaw-dropping than the last.

    Riley Sager, New York Times bestselling author of Middle of the Night
  • Masterful in its layering of secrets and suspense, THE HITCHCOCK HOTEL is not only a clever tribute to the acclaimed movie maestro, but also a locked room nail biter in itself. I loved it!

    Roz Nay, bestselling author of Our Little Secret
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