Who is Madame Fearless? She’s a mentalist, an endurance artist, a performer with a philosophy. She fears nothing. She is one of the main characters of my second novel, This Might Hurt.

Writing a novel can be a lonely process. You hold in your hands a fictional, vivid world but share it with no one for several months, sometimes years. What a joy, then, to have a piece of this book brought to life by a talented designer. She and I teamed up to imagine visual representations of each of Madame Fearless’s live performances between 1985 and 2005. Some take place on the page, others off of it. I can picture every single one of them as clearly as if I’d been there in the audience myself.

These posters are meant to pass the magic of Madame Fearless from my head to yours. If the end result leaves you disturbed but intrigued, then her message has been successful.


Poster designs by Taylor Wichrowski.


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