• Books to Read If You Like Alfred Hitchcock

    July 2024

    There’s a reason why they call Alfred Hitchcock the Master of Suspense: no one else can quite make a viewer forget the bomb under the table like he can. If you love all things Hitchcock, and you wish you could find books that read the way his movies screen, this is the short list of suspenseful crime fiction for you!

  • See the cover for new thriller that imagines an Alfred Hitchcock themed hotel

    February 2024

    When it comes to bringing audiences to the edge of their seats, no one does it quite like Alfred Hitchcock. So, author Stephanie Wrobel decided why try to outdo the master (of suspense)? Instead, she uses his films as inspiration for her new thriller, The Hitchcock Hotel, for which EW can exclusively debut the cover.

  • Criminal Element’s Book Review: This Might Hurt

    March 2022

    This ongoing struggle to master fear, and to inspire others to do the same, forms the backbone of this complex psychological thriller. Told from multiple perspectives, Stephanie Wrobel’s sophomore novel is a dazzling feat of sleight of hand.

  • Stephanie Wrobel: Inspiration behind This Might Hurt

    March 2022

    As a reader, I like to roam around the minds of people I’m sure I’ll never understand. I want the author to prove me wrong, to make me empathize with schemers, cheaters, and liars. I find society’s outliers much more fascinating than everyday people like you and me.

  • BookTrib’s 11 Books for Perilous Times

    March 2022

    Oh, yes. I agree. It’s really tempting to pull the comforter over your head and hide until all this is over. The world seems very crazy right now, and … how do we deal with that? Here’s one thought.

  • Pet Spotlight: Stephanie Wrobel and Moose

    February 2022

    Moose has been by my side even longer than I’ve been an author. My husband and I moved to Boston in August 2016 so I could attend the MFA program at Emerson College.

  • Refinery29’s Best New Books March 2022

    March 2022

    If, like me, you were thoroughly let down by Amazon’s Nine Perfect Strangers, you’ve likely been looking for another wellness-fuelled thriller ever since.

  • A search for meaning leads to cult in new novel

    February 2022

    While her sister Nat is successfully climbing the corporate ladder in Boston, Kit has embraced life on a remote Maine island, where she enjoys the structure imposed by the leaders of Wisewood.

  • A cult, sisters and suspense

    February 2022

    With a mysterious leader of a group that might not be so benevolent, multiple narrators and two different timelines, there’s a lot going on, but it all blends together well into a taut psychological thriller. It’s a concoction of cult of personality, secrets and lies. Wrobel can write a mind twister.

  • USA Today’s 5 books not to miss

    February 2022

    In Wrobel’s gripping new psychological thriller, sisters Natalie and Kit become estranged after their mother’s death – and after Kit disappears into the clutches of the cult-like Wisewood wellness retreat, which also has Natalie in its crosshairs.

  • Buzzfeed’s Best Books Releasing in February 2022

    February 2022

    Wrobel’s latest opens with a suspenseful bang and successfully leaves readers wondering what on earth is up with Wisewood. Natalie Collins’ younger sister has been missing for over a year…

  • BookBub’s The Best Mysteries and Thrillers of 2022

    February 2022

    If you love stories that keep you guessing — and keep you turning the pages — we have the perfect book list for you! We’ve rounded up the biggest, buzziest, most highly anticipated mysteries and thrillers 2022 has to offer.

  • Bustle’s Most Anticipated Books Of February 2022

    February 2022

    February is finally here, and it’s bringing a truckload of must-read books with it. From highly-anticipated sequels to some of the year’s most notable debuts, these titles all deserve a spot on your bedside table.