• PureWow’s 12 Books We Can’t Wait to Read in February

    January 2022

    Sisters Natalie and Kit haven’t spoken in months, since Kit discovered Wisewood, a self-help group where guests commit to spending six months off the grid on a private island off the coast of Maine to become their “Maximized Selves.”

  • Newsweek’s 22 Books to Look Forward to in 2022

    January 2022

    The mastermind behind last year’s Darling Rose Gold returns with a second, equally sinister feat. This Might Hurt starts as a slow burn that crackles with sinister energy as we’re brought to the serene, unplugged oasis of Wisewood.

  • Goodreads Readers’ Most Anticipated Mysteries of 2022

    January 2022

    Anticipation, in the world of books, is part of the fun. Consider the feeling you get when you find out your favorite author has a new book coming out in a few months. It’s a day brightener, isn’t it? It makes the future a little easier to contemplate.

  • Crime by the Book’s Most Anticipated Early 2022 Crime Books

    January 2022

    Press pause on reading this blog post and pre-order Stephanie Wrobel’s outstanding sophomore thriller THIS MIGHT HURT right now. I loved Stephanie’s debut thriller DARLING ROSE GOLD, but trust me when I tell you, she’s upped the ante on her own work in THIS MIGHT HURT.

  • Parade’s 30 Books We Can’t Wait to Read in 2022

    December 2021

    A self-help cult focused on overcoming fear, an off-the-grid sojourn on the coast of Maine, two sisters and enough psychological twists and turns to keep you committed—welcome to This Might Hurt.

  • Indigo’s Most Anticipated Books of 2021

    October 2021

    From the national and USA TODAY bestselling author of Darling Rose Gold comes a dark, thrilling novel about two sisters—one trapped in the clutches of a cult, the other in a web of her own lies.

  • 22 Fast-Paced Books To Binge This Weekend

    January 2021

    Publishers Weekly praised the novel, saying, “Propulsive pacing, a claustrophobic setting, and vividly sketched characters who are equal parts victim and villain conspire to create an anxious, unsettling narrative.”

  • Paperback Releases You Might Have Missed

    January 2021

    Can we get a do-over please? We’ll admit that we missed A LOT of books that published in 2020 because, well, 2020. These books deserve some major love…from heartfelt memoirs to domestic thrillers…

  • Virtual Noir At The Bar, Episode 13: June 24th 2020

    June 2020

    What a night. We were joined by the legendary Lawrence Block on his 82nd birthday and release date of his new novel. Mr Block wasn’t the only great speaker tonight of course. Full author listing: Cath Staincliffe, Elizabeth Kay, Jenny Blackhurst, Laura Shepherd-Robinson, Liz Nugent, Margaret Murphy, Mark Leggatt, MJ Arlidge, Ruth Ware, Stephanie Wrobel and, yes, Lawrence Block.

  • Lyme Crime: New Blood, New Stories Panel

    June 2020

    Three new authors, Stephanie Wrobel, Robin Morgan-Bentley and Will Shindler, discuss their debut titles, what drew them to crime, and what readers can expect from them in the future. Moderated by Amanda Jennings.

  • InStyle’s The 20 Best Books Of 2020

    January 2020

    It’s compulsively readable — so much so that if you find a way to stretch this novel out for more than three days, your brain should be donated to science.

  • South Florida Sun Sentinel Best Of 2020 List

    January 2020

    During this pandemic, many of us took comfort in books. According to several industry figures, reading was up at least 5 to 20 percent. And this was a stellar year for mysteries—stories that touched us, that captured who we are as a society and what our future might be.